lifeisducky asked:
Hi! I'm a HUGE fan of Kiska. I saw her perform in the 90's and absolutely fell in love with her. I was just wondering, if I went back, is it possible to interact with her still?

Hi, and thank you for asking a question!

I’ve just answered a question about interacting with Kiska on a hands on basis, if you would like to check that out below. However MarineLand does not offer opportunities to interact with kiska.

It maybe worth it to ask, if her caregivers would ask for assistance in one of her sessions maybe, but once again MarineLand does not offer sessions to pet Kiska.

Thank You for asking and continue to

Anonymous asked:
Does Marineland still let people touch Kiska?

Hi and thank you for asking a question!

No, petting and feeding sessions ended in 2006, to be replaced by splash sessions. MarineLand does not offer there guests opportunities to hands on interact with Kiska.

Hope this answered your question and continue to ask!

Anonymous asked:
What does Ike like at the glass (mirror, slinky, orca plush, etc.)? I know he's not w/ u guys anymore (he's w/ me!!!!) but I want to be able to interact w/ my fave orca!

Hi, I’m not the best person to ask this question as I am unsure of what he finds reinforcing, you’re better off asking a park regular, or someone with more knowledge of his current state.

I can tell you to pick your day wisely as due to him growing to be a big bull his behaviour is not what young children at underwater viewing want to see, so ofttimes they will keep other whales in that pool.

It may be a lot harder to get him to come over if he is with a whale like Nakai(which once again is a highly unlikely social pairing for that pool as they both are maturing, and both exhibit that sexual behaviour). But he is very interactive though, so don’t be discouraged.

When he was in Canada he always was at the glass, and if he wasn’t then making it seem like something fun was happening at the glass that would catch his attention. I’ve witnessed him interact with plush dolphins, balls you’d stick onto the glass, water bottles, and he’d even do mimic behaviours if he chose to stay and follow the person he’s interacting (the situation is usually reinforcing so it probably doesn’t effect him, but asking for behaviours is discouraged by many due to the fact that he isn’t being bridged or reinforced afterward, which could interfere with his training, and the criteria layed out for him).

Once again I’m not sure of what he would find reinforcing now. Maybe if she isn’t busy later on, or finds time to see this, @meladejo5 can give us some insight on what Ike finds reinforcing.

@johnniebobonnie may know as well.

So if you would like to send them a message, I’m sure they’d be happy to give you an answer.

Thanks for asking!